the psychology of price

by Leigh Caldwell

Pricing is among the top three most important decisions for almost all businesses. Yet most people make pricing decisions in a vacuum, without an understanding of how their price affects their customers and changes the perception of their business. The Psychology of Price brings together psychology research, behavioural economics and business savvy - to guide you in setting the price that will earn the highest profits for your company.

Find out:

  • How to find out what your customers are really willing to pay
  • How to make one product so expensive that buyers pay more for your others
  • How to use upselling to maximise profit from each customer
  • How much more expensive should your premium products be than your standard price?
and much more. In 20 practical, detailed chapters and 10 in-focus articles you will learn the answers to specific pricing questions such as:
  • Should your prices end with .99?
  • What was the most outrageous price charged in history?
  • How can you use psychological pricing techniques to negotiate a better deal?

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You can download extra copies of the worksheets from the book and talk about your pricing experiences with other readers.